QuestionWhat do you need to know to quote a price?
AnswerIn order to quote a housing price, we will need the camera make and model, written description of your needs as far as design and function and a picture of your equipment. Start by filling out our Order Inquiry form here.

QuestionWhat do you need to build the camera housing?
AnswerIf we do not have a mold of the camera model or if you have special lenses or accessories, we may need to receive the camera, lenses and/or special accessories / hardware before we begin buidling the housing. For these cases, it may be necessary to have the camera for the duration of the build.

QuestionHow long does it take to complete a custom housing?
AnswerGenerally 1-3 months depending on the camera, lense, specific needs and production schedule.

QuestionHow is payment done?
Answer50% before 50% upon completion and before the housing is sent. Payment can be done by check or online invoice payable by all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discovery, American Express and Paypal.

QuestionWhat is the housing made of?
AnswerPolyester resin & fiberglass. Port is acrylic. Hardware and steel controls are stainless with glass front element (except fisheye domes). The housing is then sealed with gel coat. Read more »

QuestionWhat size are your domes?
AnswerStandard domes are 5 inches. Option to go to 8-12 inches for custom domes. Larger domes are used for above/below water dual shots. Read more »

QuestionWhat type of switch do you have on your digital water housings?
AnswerWe use a pistol grip which is a two stage switch. One stage operates the pre focus and 2nd stage operates the shutter. Read more »

QuestionWhat basic controls do your video housings have?
AnswerMost are manually operated lever controls with knobs for zoom, on/off, record. Other options can be added. Read more »

QuestionWhat are your basic controls for the digital / still housing?
AnswerShutter / release button (could be the pistol grip), shutter speed control and aperature control. Custom controls such as zoom lense control and delete / viewing pictures (digital) can be added. Read more »

QuestionHow is the housing sealed?
AnswerThe housings are sealed with an "o" ring and tightened with nuts & bolts. We do not use dive housing clips, the reson being the nuts & bolts can put an even pressure on the "o" ring for a better seal. Read more »

QuestionWhat colors do you use for housing?
AnswerYellow is the standard color but custom colors are available for an additional fee. Custom colors include orange, red, sky blue and white. Colors are put on as gel coat to seal the housing.

QuestionWhat do you do with maintenace?
AnswerYou can send in your housing anytime for maintenance and we wil replace all "o" rings, polish all of the stainless steel parts, check for structural damage and do a pressure test for leaks. If there are any problems we will repair the housing. For some of the professional photographers we do this every year before the North Shore season. For occassional users maintenace should be done about every 2-3 years.

QuestionWhat are some of your longest running housings?
AnswerSome housings made 25 years are still in use today at Pipeline, Hawaii.

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