Taro Pascual
Taro Pascual - Owner and designer of Water Housings Hawaii underwater camera housings.

since 1980Since 1980, Water Housings Hawaii has been designing and manufacturing custom underwater sport camera housings on the North Shore of Hawaii. If you read water sport magazines (surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kite boarding, tow in surfing, body boarding), watch surf films or are fans of TV shows Bay Watch and Lost, you have seen the results of our in-water housings.

Sport camera housings are lightweight and durable waterproof housings designed to protect your camera equipment in depths less than 20 feet. Our research and development have come from years of servicing various industries and working closely with the needs of the top water photographers.

We are very proud to offer our experience and knowledge to design and meet your specific needs. Water Housings Hawaii has built custom underwater sport camera housings for professional industries including water sports (surfing, boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, kiteboarding, etc...), motion picture, television, fashion, science and art. Water photographers such as Clark Little, Don King, Dan Merkel, Aaron Chang, Jim Russi, Scott Aichner, Mike Prickett, Ted Grambeau, Larry Haynes and many others have used our housings to complete their projects and assignments.

Water Housings Hawaii also works with the motion picture industry on television, movie and commercial projects designing and building custom camera housings and camera mounts. Some of the projects have included Point Break, Step into Liquid, Lost, Bay Watch, and Yamaha PWC commercials.

Feel free to contact us with your in-water camera project requirements and custom needs.

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